Bad Credit  Mortgage Advice 

Bad Credit Mortgage Advice  

Many people have a bad credit history but that doesn’t mean you can never apply for a mortgage to buy a property. Your choices might be fewer than for those with good credit but let us assure you it can be done. Reeds Financial have access to lenders who are willing to offer bad credit mortgages and we can take the time and worry away from you by finding the best deal for your individual circumstances. We’re not here to judge, just to help. 
Once you start paying your mortgage, and show that you are a good, solid investment for a lender, your future mortgage options will definitely improve. 
Becoming a property owner might seem like a pipe dream if you have a bad credit history but work with us and let us help you turn that corner. 
A bad credit mortgage might be suitable for you if you have CCJs, credit card arrears and debts, been bankrupt within the last six years, defaulted on a previous mortgage or series of bills, been placed on a debt management plan or an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA). 

Services we can also help with 

Services we can also help with 

We’re not the kind of broker who only helps you up until you’ve accepted your mortgage offer. Our long-standing partnerships with our clients and other businesses mean we can deliver the highest quality of service right up to the day you move in. 


We can help you move into your property, set up utilities, register for Council Tax and more with our Concierge Service – available through Please Connect Me. 


We can organise bespoke life assurances for you by selecting from our superb panel of providers. We charge no arrangement fees for this service. 


First time buyer? Or just wanting to change insurance providers? We can find you 5* defatqo rated buildings and contents insurance tailored to suit your needs. 

Property Surveys 

With our National partners GoTo Group we don't just stop at mortgages, we can also help you arrange a property survey to know it's true condition. 


We can refer you to a solicitor who’ll manage the conveyancing part of the process. We choose from a carefully selected panel of conveyancers and solicitors. 

Wills & Trusts 

Our National partners Paradigm Wills can provide a cost effective solution to any type of situation no matter how complex it is when it comes to Will and Estate Planning and more. 

Bad Credit Mortgage FAQS 

Bad Credit Mortgage FAQs 

A mortgage is a loan from a bank or building society for a set period of years. You borrow the amount you need to buy the property, less your deposit, and agree to repay it over a set term, usually 25 years. At the end of the agreed term, the property will be yours. 
Six years is the usual time for debts and CCJs to stay on your record. After this time, they are removed, even if the debt remains unpaid. So if you are turned down for a mortgage, be reassured that one day your record will be clear if you can remain debt-free. The more recently you defaulted, and the bigger the sum, the less likely you are to be accepted. 
The first step is to get hold of your credit rating – you can do this free of charge with various online companies, such as Equifax, Experian and TransUnion (or ask us and we can help). Each has their own ‘good’ score so check this too. Some things you can do to secure a good credit rating include: 
Register on the Electoral Roll 
Check for mistakes, including address, date of birth – you’ll be surprised at how the wrong address you affect your score. Also, keep an eye out for any fraudulent activity on your cards or if you’re linked with another person – having a joint account with someone who has bad credit can affect you too (even if you’re married). 
Pay your bills – set up direct debits to make sure you meet the payments and can be seen to be making regular payments. 
Use credit and store cards as little as possible. Try and clear the debt from one before starting another. Cut them up if the temptation is too great. 
Yes, in all likelihood you will. This might seem harsh, especially if you are trying to pay off your debt and save for a deposit, but lenders are trying to protect their investment. 
This isn’t a straightforward one. Some lenders will automatically turn you down if you have a CCJ or an IVA, some won’t touch those who have been declared bankrupt recently. The advantage of speaking to Reeds Financial is that we know the lenders that are most likely to offer you a mortgage and we won’t waste any of your time or raise your hopes unnecessarily. 

Don't just take our word for it 

Don't just take our word for it 

Here are a few ways we have changed our customers’ lives. 

Get the lowest rates with Reeds Financial 

Trusted Brokers 

Whole of Market 

Qualified Team 

Get the lowest rates with Reeds Financial 

Trusted Brokers 
Whole of Market 
Qualified Team 
Let us source rates from the high street, across the internet or from specialist lenders who only work with brokers! 


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