Moving home is one of the most stressful experiences we go through. Packing up all your belongings and material possessions in some sort of order, not to mention the mountain of admin, financial and other practical things you also need to factor in. Whether you’re moving in to your first home or have lived to tell the tale through other relocations, here’s our handy top tip moving home checklist. 
1. You can’t be too organised 
Well, we don’t think you can! You need to make a list of things that need to be done and keep adding to it as you think of more. And cross off those that you have done – we all need a sense of achievement. Keep your list (or lists) in one place with all move-related paperwork. But make sure it’s not at the bottom of a packing box! 
2. Start packing now 
Like the point above, you can’t start packing too early! Start with the rooms you use the least and definitely the items you use the least. Think attic, under stairs cupboards, sheds and outbuildings. While you are packing up, what better time to be ruthless and put to one side anything you really don’t need. Why bother packing it away only to never unpack it again in your new home? And if you’ve given yourself time, you may be able to put your unwanted items on auction or similar sites and make a bit of money too. 
3. Will everything fit in your new home? 
Room dimensions will be different in your new home and you may have more or less space. Check that your existing furniture will actually fit. If not, have time to resell or recycle it. You’ll also then know if you need to acquire any new items yourself. 
4. Removal company vs DIY 
It’s a brave soul who moves themselves. Not so bad if you are moving from your parents’ house to your first home, for example, but anything more than that and it’s worth costing in a professional removal company. Similarly, really consider getting them to do the packing for you. They can do in a matter of hours what will take you days or weeks – they won’t be reminiscing over every ornament! You can still carry out your cull but let someone else wrap and pack. 
5. Pack wisely 
If you are packing yourself, do it carefully. Use soft bags for clothes, bedding, towels. Don’t overload boxes so they’re too heavy to lift and pack them with heavier items at the bottom. Use newspaper and towels to wrap delicate items and use blankets to protect corners of large items of furniture and white goods. 
6. Label everything clearly 
We mean everything! Write on the top and several sides of your boxes so you can see where they belong whichever way they’re stacked. Precision doesn’t hurt either – ‘Tinned food – Kitchen’ or ‘Lego – Tom’s room’ will help you prioritise the unpacking. 
7. Box clever 
Match all cables to electrical appliances either by colour coding or securely labelling - or photograph them before unplugging. Also, keep any dismantled flat pack furniture screws and fastenings in small bags carefully taped to the relevant furniture (and labelled, just in case). 
8. Don’t leave everything till the day of the move 
Moving day itself is quite stressful so try to leave only the bare minimum of tasks. Take apart furniture the night before, including sofas, tables, bookcases. That just leaves the beds to be done on the day. 
9. Pack an essentials box 
Think kettle (and its flex), mugs, tea and coffee, snacks as well as bedding, cleaning products and an overnight bag with clothes for everyone. Make sure this is with you, somewhere easily accessible, and not packed away never to be seen again. 
10. Keep documents safe 
Be extra vigilant with your important documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, licenses, wills. Keep them all together, clearly labelled, and make sure they get put into their new place quickly – or at the very least kept together until you know where they’re going. 
11. Don’t forget to pack your pets 
Or arrange for them to be looked after until you can take them to your new home. Trying to contain dogs and cats in a new house while the doors are open, and people are constantly in and out, will only add to your stress! 
12. Anything else? 
On your list of things to do should be sorting out utilities in both properties, remembering to read the meters as you leave; inform the council of your move for council tax and voting purposes; have your mail redirected; sort home insurance for old and new properties; change your address on important stuff like banks and HMRC; and locate your local recycling tip. You could even arrange to have an online food shop delivered the day after you move in. 
Have we missed anything vital? Everyone has their own way of doing things but hopefully these 12 points will help your moving experience be moving for the right reasons. Good luck! 
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