Planting trees for you. 

Planting trees for you. 

Giving back. 

We will be planting one tree for every mortgage completed and two for every remortgage or client referral! 
Our decision came after looking around the world at where the planting would have the most positive impact on their surroundings. Mangroves are important for the climate crisis because estimates suggest that they sequester carbon at a rate of 2 – 4 times greater than mature tropical forests. 
As a result, each tree removes around 300kg of CO2 from the atmosphere over the course of its life cycle (approximately 25 years). 
These forests also offer numerous other ecosystem services, both short term and long term, such as natural coastal defences from floods and storm surges, increased biodiversity and sediment reduction. 

Some of the benefits. 

Some of the benefits. 

One tree sequesters an estimated 0.3t of CO2 over its growth life. 

But that’s far from its only benefit. 

Nourishing our planet 

Trees clean the air, filter water, regulate rainfall, improve soil quality, offer shelter and reduce flooding. 

Supporting biodiveristy 

Trees support different species of animals, invertebrates, plants, fungi, lichens and mosses. 

Reducing extreme poverty 

Trees provide work, improve crop yield, generate income sources and help the local economy. 

Reversing deforestation 

Trees help healthy forests re-emerge, restoring animal habitats, purifying water sources, replenishing soil, controlling flooding and improving weather patterns. 

Reforestations we support. 

Reforestations we support. 

We currently support reforestation projects in three locations. 
Madagascar. Partnering with local communities to reforest one of the world’s top biodiversity conservation priorities. 
Kenya. Working with partners to plant forests that channel water, supporting communities and wildlife. 
Haiti. Helping local farmers plant trees that protect watersheds and improve food security and supply. 

What Our  Customers Say. 

What Our Customers Say. 

Here are a few ways we have changed our customers’ lives. 
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